Getting Rid of Stink Bugs

Published: 14th April 2011
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Stink bugs are small, but once they make their way inside your house, they make a big presence. The best way to prevent fighting off these bugs inside your house is to start defending your home before they actually get in. Speaking from personal experience, they are extremely difficult to get rid of once they make their way into your home. They find their way into everything. In our home, they were found in cupboards, closets, the garage, the laundry dryer, storage boxes that were not opened until months later, and even in jacket pockets.

Stink bugs need a warm place to hibernate in the winter time. The best place: your home. Consequently, start treating your home in the early fall before winter hits. If you effectively seal your home up, your chances of having a stink bug infestation is greatly reduced.

Go over the entire outside of your home, looking for any cracks or holes stink bugs could come in. Use a silicone caulk to go around windows, ducts, vents, or any other small cracks. Replace torn screens. Roll up old rugs to put around the base of doors which do not make a firm seal around the door frame. Stink bugs are particularly attracted to the sunny side of your home (typically the south side). Especially focus your attention there.

Spray the top half of your home with a Cypermethrin solution, allowing the spray to run down the sides. The solution typically can be found at any hardware store. You can also go around the areas you have caulked and spray them to further reinforce your home. You can make your own spray by shredding up a pack of cigarettes into half a gallon of water and letting the solution sit for thirty minutes. Strain and add a teaspoon of dish soap before spraying. You can also combine a solution of lavender oil and water (half and half) for a better smelling spray to use.

As stink bugs feed on leafy plants, go around the outside of your home and cut back plants which are touching the sides.

If you did not prepare your house before winter hit and now have stink bugs inside, you have a challenge. But you can still get rid of them. Spray around windows, doors, cracks, vents, light fixtures, and crawl spaces. If you have an attic, make sure there are no openings in which stink bugs can come in.

Use homemade bug sprays or use a bug spray purchased from a store. If you get desperate, call an exterminator, whose professional help should be effective.

You can purchase light traps, which have lights the stink bugs are attracted to and then are locked inside. You can also set sticky traps around areas you think stink bugs are getting in. Whatever you do with them afterwards, do not smash them. They emit their fowl odor when crushed.

Suck up the stink bugs with a vacuum, but be sure to empty the bag in an outside trashcan immediately. As stink bugs are attracted to lights, turn off outdoor lights before going to bed at night.

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